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Capped Price Protection Plan


Heating Oil Price Protection
for the 2021–2022 Heating Season

price capWhat will the price of gasoline be when you fuel up your car a year from now?

Will it be higher, lower or the same as it is now?

Don’t know? Well neither do we! For no one can know where heating oil prices will be.

As you know, we experienced major heating oil price spikes during the Spring  & Summer of 2008 only to be followed by a plunge in oil prices during the season. There is a lot of uncertainty as to whether we will see higher prices this coming season, or prices moving further downwards. To ensure our customers some stability and to help you control your costs next season, Ennis has instituted  a CAP PRICE program which is a maximum guaranteed  price with downside protection.

A CAP PRICE program is one that establishes a ceiling price for your heating oil next season, meaning your price can go no higher than the set price. It also, however, gives you the benefit of lower oil prices should the market take a downward turn during the heating season.

EXAMPLE: If your capped Ceiling price is  $3.09 per gallon, but today’s Floating Retail Price is $2.899 per gallon, you would pay the retail floating price. Should the rate go over your ceiling price you would never pay more than your capped ceiling price. (The best of both worldsNote: This is only an example as prices may vary due to market volatility.

Please contact us for your ceiling price quote, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you're in control of your heating oil costs.


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